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Discover the Taste of Noodles

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

It doesn’t matter how cold it can get, no matter how long is the line to wait for is, when visiting Japan, eat noodles, cold or hot, the wait is worth it, after eating you will want to share that taste with everybody. Ramen, Soba or Udon, either way, discover why people love Japanese Noodles.

Yuzu Shoyu Ramen

Let's start with a dish that has become very popular around the world in the last decade, Ramen. Internationally known, ramen shops can be found in New York, London and across Asia. Ramen has its origins in China, it came to Japan during the XIX century, but it was not after the Second World War that became popular. In Tokyo currently are more than 30,000 ramen shops.

According to Hayato Ishayama’s Ramen Book, it can be found in three different varieties, Ramen, Tsukemen and Abura soba. Ramen is a noodles’ soup with different toppings, like pork, seasoned egg, spring onions, seaweed and many more. Tsukemen are two separate dishes one with cold noodles and toppings and another one with a hot sauce. Abura soba a sauce with lard, the heaviest of all Ramens.

Soup is like the soul of Ramen, the soup’s base can be made of Tonkotsu, seafood, chicken, and vegetables, but the sauce and the seasonings is what determines the flavor, according to Ishayama the sauce can be separated into 7 fundamental tastes; soy sauce, salt, miso, Tonkotsu, seafood, chicken and meat.

Among different Ramen dishes, noodles can be found in three different types; thing and straight noodles, curly noodles of medium thickness and thick curly noodles.

Being from Oaxaca, I think of ramen as a the Tlayuda; a quick, strong meal, which involves standing in line, and then is quickly eaten at any time.

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